Thank you for choosing Cloud9Vacay, LLC, we are proudly powered by 2 Getaway Travel, LLC. Our travel contracts and payments are processed by 2 Getaway Travel, LLC.

Terms of Agreement

General – Upon full payment of the tour price by the tour participant (“you” or “your”) named in the Reservation Application agreement (“application”) 2 Getaway Travel, 29980 FM 2978 Magnolia, TX, (“We, Us, 2GT”) agrees to provide the services specified in the accompanying advertising subject to the terms, conditions and limitations contained in this agreement. This agreement shall be effective when reservation is completed and payments therein specified are received and accepted by us. Neither you, representatives may modify, add, or delete any terms of this agreement.

Deposits – Must be made at time of confirmation, deposit’s are determined by the policies of the tour company, hotel or cruise line that your reservation is booked with.  Air reservations require a deposit equal to or greater than the cost of the air to be determined at time of confirmation of your reservation. Payments – All checks are made payable only to 2 Getaway Travel LLC. Final payments must be made 60 days prior to the beginning date of the trip.
Any person that makes a reservation within 60 days of the beginning day of the trip must pay in full. We cannot be responsible for reservations when final payments are not received on time, in which, the cancellation policy will be in effect. All payments within 30 days prior to trip must be paid by credit card. 2GT does not take responsibility for lost or delay in mailing. Do not mail cash. An additional $10.00 charge per person per week will be applied if you have not paid your final balance by the due date. All reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. Please see flight information for payment instructions.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations for charter cruise scheduled air and hotel only reservations
61+ days $50 penalty plus any hotel cruise lines or tour operator penalties
60-46 days $150 penalty plus any hotel cruise lines or tour operator penalties
45-0 days No refund
All penalties are per person. All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellation policy will be in effect if payments are not received on time or written cancellation notice is not received by 2GT. 2GT is not responsible for lost payments or delay in mailing. Cancellations by phone are not accepted.

EVENT FEES:  All Sales on event fees are non-refundable. 

Revision Policies – Name Changes will incur a minimum of $25 per person per change fee plus any airline, cruise line or hotel fees. Any changes to reservations after they have been deposited will incur a $25 per person revision fee plus any fees that may be assessed by the airline, cruise line or the resort.

Returned Checks – 2GT shall collect a $30.00 charge for any returned checks. The $30.00 returned check fee plus the original amount of the check must be paid to 2GT within 72 hours of your verbal or written notification by 2GT or your reservation will be canceled. Amount due must be paid by certified check.
Collection Cost -Participant agrees to pay reasonable attorneys fees and other expenses incurred by 2GT in the collection of unpaid damages, insufficient or stopped checks, credit card reversal or misrepresentation or other losses under this agreement if such collection is deemed necessary by2GT.

Participants Requested Changes – All requests for any changes that deviate from the advertised trip must be received in writing by 2GT. Such changes include, but are not limited to: name changes, date changes, accommodations, and transportation. Changes are not applicable until approved in writing by 2GT. A minimum $25 fee may apply for changes.

Refunds – No refunds will be remunerated for any or unused portions of the trip including transportation, accommodations, activities, or optional items. Flight Information – You must pay in full for flight and transfers to make your reservations. Airline restrictions are those of the airlines and you are Responsible for these restrictions. 2GT and sponsoring representative (s) cannot accept responsibility for passengers’ failure to verify flight times with the airline. When making connecting flights, allow adequate time for delays or changes in scheduling. Flight participants must inform 2GT if participant has not received his or her airline ticket 10 days prior to departure.

Insurance – We recommend the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance plans for cancellation protection, personal liability, luggage insurance, accidental death/dismemberment, and medical coverage.

Entertainment Portion of Trip – In the event of cancellation or any portion of the celebrity or entertainment package is not fulfilled; 2GT will not refund any portion of the trip package. Events, activities, and entertainment are subject to change without prior notice. Events are held in large and small capacity venues. Some venues may fill to capacity with only One Out-One In access.

Website Errors – While we have taken every precaution to insure accurate website prices, 2GT cannot guarantee the website to be free of pricing and description errors. 2GT reserves the right to correct and charge for such errors and discrepancies, if any.

Tour Agreement – 2GT and the sponsoring representative (s) are acting solely as agents. They are responsible for making the arrangements for all accommodations and services which constitute the trip, except to the extent that accommodations or services cannot be supplied due to reasons beyond control of the agents. The above parties are not in any way liable for personal injury, death, property damage or loss arising out of the act, omission or negligence of any direct air carrier, Motor Coach Company, hotel or any person rendering any services or accommodations in conjunction with the tour. Furthermore, the above parties are not in any way responsible for any injury, damage or loss to reason of theft, accident, or any reason
beyond control of those parties. 2GT and Co-sponsor reserve the right to use similar accommodations and services to the original ones sold if the original property becomes unavailable for any reason. The operator will make no changes or alterations in the itinerary unless it appears to be in the best interest of the participant. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate on this trip. 2GT reserve the right to use pictures and videos of participants for use in promotions of future trips. This terms and conditions agreement is accepted by payment for a reservation and/or participation on the trip.